Our Values


How can we be named The Family Room if we don’t greatly value family itself?! What people think of what a family should be may look different to everyone. We think it simply looks like loving each other and dealing with life’s up and downs while experiencing Jesus everyday.


At The Family Room you will see friends and family who are old enough to remember when there was no TV to those who watch it on their phones. But learning what God has done through generation after generation, and raising up the next generation in those values and experiences is what we love to do.


At The Family Room, we believe worship is more than music. It is a way of life – a continual response of obedience, love, awe, and adoration of God. Music is one way God has given us to express our love for Him.

Our gifts and talents are given to us by God so we can serve others and hope that through them that God can be experienced in our lives and during the times we meet together. This happens as we worship God from our hearts not just through singing, clapping, dancing and playing instruments, but living everyday to honor God!  Here at The Family Room we hope we can help each person develop a life of worship that brings glory to God.


You can never pray enough. Jesus knew what he could do because he prayed about it. It’s one of the ways which we can spend time with God.


It’s just a fancy word for becoming more like Jesus and because of that, we let others know who Jesus is. There’s a lot going on in The Family Room to help support you on what you are already doing outside the four walls of the church on your journey with Jesus.

+Family Groups

Family groups (also known as small groups) are an important part of what we believe at The Family Room.

Family groups happen in the homes of church members to hang out while being able to share how life is really going and getting to know each other through focusing on God. This is where community and growing the gifts God has given us is really happen!

There are many family groups throughout the week, take a look at the bulletin to choose which one fits you the best!

Additional details and location of events and groups can be found in the bulletins and calendar.