Who We Are


In September of 1998 we started getting together. We came from lots of different backgrounds and lots of various places. We like how Jesus keeps making us into one big family. And in our hearts, we really like learning to love and experience God, each other and our world.

+Our Present

The Family Room is non-denominational, but relationally connected with a family of churches throughout the world known as Salt and Light (link);. We like and believe in what they value (link) and stand for, and we think it fits pretty well with what we do too.

Out local grouping of stateside churches within the Salt and Light connection is called Coast 2 Coast aka ‘C2C’, and the 411 on it is here

+What We DO

We laugh and have fun. We invite each other over and have dinner together. We support one another when something unexpected happens. We get giddy when we share the latest thing Jesus has done. We look for ways to share God’s love and serve our city. And we love to welcome new friends into our growing family.

+What “church” Means To Us

We think church goes way beyond a Sunday gathering. It is knowing and experiencing Jesus, being part of what He is doing every day in us, with our friends and in our city.

We can’t wait to meet you! There are lots of ways to connect and find your place in this growing family!