New Here?

Here at the family room, we like to be real. We like to be loud. We like to sing and raise our hands. We occasionally comment during the preaching. We like to be still and listen to the Holy Spirit. We like to be genuine with each other. We like to hang out. We like walking in on Sunday morning and knowing everybody’s name. And, we like to turn new people into old friends.

+Our Mission

To be a spiritual family where creative worship, meaningful friendships and Biblical teaching are practiced.

+When/Where We Meet

Our Sunday gathering is at 10AM at 8333 Fort Street, Omaha, NE.
During the week, we are out and about. Check out what else is going on in the ‘calendar

+Pastor’s Message

God gives everyone direction through the Bible. Our teachings present a challenging, relevant, practical message on who God is, how to have a relationship with Him, and how to apply God’s word in various areas of our daily lives. Listen to them ‘here’.


Here at The Family Room, we think connecting to God through musical worship is a BIG deal! We know He loves us, so we like to use our contemporary sound of worship to show Him our love for Him.


Any clothes work just fine. Only time you will see a suit is probably at a Christmas or Easter service.

 +Anything For The Kids?

Our kids love to worship with us, and we love to worship with them. But after worship – they can’t wait to get to their own children’s church. There’s also nursery care for the younger one’s.


Still have a question or two to ask? No problem, contact us here